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Arie Seidler

Last Updated : 4/28/2008 6:35:39 PM


New York Investment Network is the New York web based portal and matching service of angel investors seeking investments, with entrepreneurs seeking capital. The website has been created in response to the growing demand of New York angel investors to invest in things that are more tangible, predictable and closer to home.


There is little doubt that the current stock markets have left many investors frustrated and questioning where they should invest their hard earned money. In the US, angel investors are currently investing several billion dollars in American businesses each year. This number would be substantially higher if these angels were better able to find and review new types of investment opportunities.


Some of the greatest opportunities start from under capitalized entrepreneurs who cannot get traditional financing from banks. Banks are lending less than ever to small businesses and start-ups while angel investors are increasingly disenchanted with underperforming equity markets and low interest rates. Questionable accounting scandals just make the situation even worse. By using previously unavailable technology like this website, there now exists a greater opportunity than ever to bring both parties together to finance the next great enterprise.


Whatever the idea, provides the place to choose a growing variety of investment opportunities.



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